Anouk Van Offenwert / Fleur De Roeck
16.05.24 - 30.06.24

Ultra Tale of Marine

Opening: Thursday May 16, 12h00-22h00

During the Antwerp Art weekend, PONTI is pleased to present a duo exhibition by Fleur De Roeck and Anouk Van Offenwert. The central theme of “Ultra Tale of Marine” is both the maritime world, in the form of an installation by Fleur De Roeck and the versatility of the colour ultramarine blue. Canvasses and drawings by the artists often feel fluid, a little watercolour-like. Many colours of blue and green will fill the space through the canvasses by Van Offenwerk and the oil drawings by De Roeck, who merge their work by transforming a 17th-century basement into an underwater cave, into which visitors can descend. Something else that connects the two artists is their enjoyment of painting and their curiosity about how materials interact with paper and canvas. “Ultra Tale of Marine” can be seen as a “joie de peintre” exhibition, which we hope viewers will experience and every visitor can go home with a square meter of Fleur De Roeck's water cave.

During the festive opening on Thursday 16 May, there will be a musical performance "Bubble Gum Escape" by Fleur De Roeck / Sinaas starting at 8pm.
Ellen Meers / Maxim Renard 
21.03.24 - 04.05.24

Hair of the dog

Ponti is pleased to invite you to the duo exhibition of Ellen Meers and Maxim Renard.

Ellen Meers (°1996, Maastricht, lives and works in Brussels) graduated from KASK in Ghent in the summer of 2021 with several series of works balancing on the borderland between graphics and painting. Ellen starts her works as classical, analogue graphics: namely monotypes. She prints sheets of paper in different sizes with colour areas and line structures in vibrant colours. On these monotypes, she draws and paints enigmatic symbols that fluctuate between recognizable shapes and unfamiliar silhouettes.

Maxim Renard (°1994, Tongeren - lives and works in Antwerp) starts out from found scraps of paper which he transforms into colourful collages. These miniature works are quick and direct studies that form the basis for his painting practice. With glitter and paint, sometimes very pasty, sometimes very sparsely applied, Renard seeks and finds the painting. In his search for a strong composition, he uses both figurative elements and abstract forms, creating a lively visual language that balances on the border between painting and collage.
Artists: Ellen Meers, Maxim Renard
Jan Laroy 
08.02.24 - 16.03.24

Astra Myalgia

Opening: February 8, 7 - 10 pm

PONTI is pleased to invite you on Thursday 8 February for the opening of  Astra Myalgia, the first solo exhibition of Jan Laroy.

The exhibition opens at 7pm at Wolstraat 23, 2000 Antwerp and can be viewed until Saturday 16 March, every Friday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Art Rotterdam
01.02.24 - 04.02.24

Art Rotterdam

Duo presentation with Witold Vandenbroeck & Daems van Remoortere at the 25th annuiversary edition of Art Rotterdam at the Van Nellefabriek;From 1 - 4 February 2024.

Artists: Witold Vandenbroeck, Daems van Remoortere

Crash Test 
07.12.23 - 20.01.24

© Sarah Stone

Crash Test

Opening: December 7, 7 - 10 pm

PONTI is pleased to invite you on Thursday 7 December for the opening of Crash Test, the groupshow on the occasion of the gallery's two-year anniversary. 

The exhibition opens at 7pm at Wolstraat 23, 2000 Antwerp and can be viewed until Saturday 20 January, every Friday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Artists: Koen van den Broek, Fleur De Roeck, Mashid Mohadjerin, Ayrton Eblé, Ellen Pil, Clara-Lane Lens, Jari Rijckaert, Jan Laroy

Witold Vandenbroeck
19.10.23 - 25.11.23

Opening: Thursday October 19, 19-10pm

Witold Vandenbroeck’s main inspiration lies in the relationship between us and our surroundings and how this relationship impacts our capacity to perceive, act in and think about the landscape around us. The act of painting itself is for him a way to explore and nourish this connection since the engagement with its stubborn matter and the resulting friction forces one to be sensitive to what wants to happen, to leave behind preconceived ideas and ambitions and to try to embrace this resistance of the material and enter in the forward movement of the work’s ongoing generation. This is a state of being that lingers and slowly infiltrates all aspects of life. From this intuitive way of working a constellation of archetypes such as volcanos, arteries, stones and pottery has emerged whom are continuously forming new connections and combinations. The paintings thus do not stand alone but form a long chain of impressions, one flowing over in the next. It is precisely here, between one and the other in this sequence as experienced by the viewer, that their ‘meaning’ develops.

Witold Vandenbroeck (Leuven, °1994) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp in 2021 with a masters degree in Painting and holds a masters degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture from the KULeuven. The past two years he has co-founded FAAR collective and continues to develop his painting practice.
PONTI - wolstraat 23, 2000 antwerpen