Daems van Remoortere is a Belgian artist duo consisting of Lena Daems (Berlaar, 1988) and Frederik van Remoortere (Antwerp, 1986). Lena Daems studied photography and Frederik van Remoortere, In Situ at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. The duo develops their oeuvre in two directions: autonomous visual work on the one hand and multimedia installations in public space on the other. Their works are multidisciplinary and cross the line between theatre, film and visual arts. The duo incorporates different disciplines into their creations such as mathematics, astronomy and physics. In their work, they contain themes that deal with space and, more specifically, the field of tension between public space and a person's intimate environment. They look at human behavior in a universe from a voyeuristic point of view. The public is often involved in their productions, making them active and necessary actors in the work.
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