Ellen Meers / Maxim Renard 
21.03.24 - 04.05.24

Hair of the dog

Ponti is pleased to invite you to the duo exhibition of Ellen Meers and Maxim Renard.

Ellen Meers (°1996, Maastricht, lives and works in Brussels) graduated from KASK in Ghent in the summer of 2021 with several series of works balancing on the borderland between graphics and painting. Ellen starts her works as classical, analogue graphics: namely monotypes. She prints sheets of paper in different sizes with colour areas and line structures in vibrant colours. On these monotypes, she draws and paints enigmatic symbols that fluctuate between recognizable shapes and unfamiliar silhouettes.

Maxim Renard (°1994, Tongeren - lives and works in Antwerp) starts out from found scraps of paper which he transforms into colourful collages. These miniature works are quick and direct studies that form the basis for his painting practice. With glitter and paint, sometimes very pasty, sometimes very sparsely applied, Renard seeks and finds the painting. In his search for a strong composition, he uses both figurative elements and abstract forms, creating a lively visual language that balances on the border between painting and collage.
Artists: Ellen Meers, Maxim Renard
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